Our approach to each book is efficiently integrating 12 critical components.

Conceptual development — Much time is carefully spent at the concept stage with thorough crafting from the “light bulb” phase to polishing for compelling proposal acceptance.

Editorial excellence — Experienced, top-of-the-line editorial direction includes carefully selecting and working closely with the most suitable leading writers and photographers. All projects are matched with high levels of expertise, resulting in effectively communicated content.

Design innovation — We are committed to art direction at its best by the best. Creativity and vision stand out. The placement and flow of striking elements are beautifully woven together throughout.

Prepress perfection — Prior to printing, production files go through extensive scrutiny to ensure tip-top color management, high resolution, and thorough production editing.

Printing quality — Raising the bar and taking printing standards beyond the norm to exceed customer expectations, Carpe Diem Books consistently delivers outstanding results.

Bindery experience — Carpe Diem Books offers benefits with the full range of binding and customizing options to best match each project's — and customer's — specific needs and requirements.

Digital technology — Offering new digital publishing capabilities including eBooks and interactive book formats. Integrating cutting edge technologies to reach new audiences and to broaden your brand, the possibilities are limitless with the right combination of innovation and design.

Marketing collateral — Considered for each project are strategic marketing components to encourage strong performance and success in the marketplace.

Brand building — Providing financially responsible, custom-integrated marketing, sales, and branding solutions. Enhance and extend your brand into new markets through publishing and collateral products to get the most out of your affiliations with business partners.

Project management — We initiate, define, plan, and execute each project’s scope, resources, and scheduling to deliver on-time, on-budget, quality book results. Collaboration and attention to detail are paramount.

Pitch — Broadening the scope, reach, and potential impact, a book is an ideal vehicle for enriching relationships with your loyal customers as well as serving the unacquainted.

Values — Trust, integrity, quality, and superior customer service.