Custom Books

Your business can come to life on the pages of a custom book far more easily than you think. Your ideas might be produced as a photo-essay coffee-table book, a cookbook, a literary book or journal, a square gift book, or something just a little different. Choose between hardbound, sofbound, flexibound, an elegant hand-tooled leather cover, or a deluxe slipcase.

Digimarc Discover®

Seize the opportunity to have images in your book linked to video interviews, stories, or significant events through Digimarc Discover® technology. Here, selected photographs are embedded with digital watermarks, invisible to the reader but not to a mobile app, that sense the watermark (or “Digimarc” as they are called) and directs the reader to an online video related to the photograph. Readers may absorb the text, admire the imagery, and then point their phone or tablet at the page and watch film footage pertaining to the text and photo subject. Carpe Diem Books is proud to have pioneered this unique use of Digimarc technology as an effective way to expand a book’s editorial and marketing capabilities.

Watch the Digimarc video

Other customizing options

Kentucky Derby Deluxe Book

Kentucky Derby Deluxe Slipcase

McAllister Towing Deluxe Book

McAllister Towing Deluxe Slipcase

Passion for Pinot Deluxe Book

Passion for Pinot Deluxe Slipcase

Tipped-in colophon

Imprinted company name


Tipped-in letter

In addition, we provide services to clients for creating apps, companion websites, video documentation, ebooks, audiobooks, printed marketing collateral (e.g. tip sheets and press releases), and archiving.

There are many ways to present your message, all of which will create a valuable resource and asset for your business.

Together, we can create the ultimate keepsake, something truly unique and memorable. Your organization’s history, products, and people… all can be visually showcased in your very own book. Add your storyline and your legacy is preserved.

It’s a plan that has worked well for many of our clients.

McAllister Towing endorsement