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The Voice of This Stone

Learning from Volcanic Disasters Around the World

Text © 2019 Kevin Scott
Maps and photos © 2019 Kevin Scott except as noted
7-1/2" x 9-1/2"
224 pages, 125 4-color & b/w photos & illustrations
$29.95 softbound — ISBN: 978-1-7326775-1-7
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

In The Voice of This Stone, a widely published and respected volcanologist with five decades of scientific study and boots-on-the-ground experience shares his expert knowledge. Through more than a dozen case studies from around the globe, Dr. Kevin Scott offers chilling details about what happened before, during, and after infamous volcanic cataclysms. During his lengthy career as a field geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Scott traveled extensively to visit sites that were dramatically altered by forces within the earth. He has witnessed firsthand what happens when tectonic plate movement ignites earthquakes and volcanic activity such as eruptions and killer lahars, massive mud-and-debris landslides that roar down mountainsides. Scott’s case studies highlight some of the best known events and advance warnings regarding future episodes. By deciphering the histories of other disasters, Scott proposes, lives can and will be spared.

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Simple Sewlutions

A Fit Nice Workbook

By Judy Kessinger 8-1/2" x 11"
132 pages, with color photos and illustrations
$55 coil bound — ISBN 978-1-7326775-0-0
Packaged by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by Shircliff Publishing

Judy Kessinger created the “FitNice System,” revolutionizing stress-free sewing with simple solutions for proper fitting.

Following up on the success of Design It Yourself, Judy Kessinger broadens the world of sewing in her second book with new tips and methods that further simplify seamstress tasks. In Simple Sewlutions, learn how to create polished seams, make pockets, add zippers, put a wow factor in sleeves, and make the most of your sewing time with smart shortcuts.

Simple Sewlutions is interactive! Easy-to-follow instructions are accompanied by big, bold pictures and embedded video, enabling you to sew with assurance. This innovative book utilizes “Quick Response” (QR) codes that connect readers via their smartphone or tablet to instructional videos.

Judy Kessinger is a national and international teacher who has given seminars, been a guest instructor on television, written articles for magazines, and hosted retreats and shopping trips around the country. Known as The Fit Doctor, she demonstrates that fitting makes garments come alive and compliment the body instead of just covering it! Judy’s goal is to make sewing stress-free with Simple Sewlutions for fashion.

Judy is a member of the American Sewing Group and the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals.

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Ever Wild

A Lifetime on Mount Adams

Text and photography by Darryl Lloyd
Foreword by Robert Michael Pyle
8-1/2" x 11"
160 pages, 180 4-color & b/w photos & illustrations
$29.95 softbound — ISBN 978-0-9897104-9-7
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

What binds a man’s soul to a mountain? Through a personal journey spanning seven decades, Darryl Lloyd cemented his place in the sweeping story of Washington state’s Mount Adams. Lloyd is the foremost authority on this northern Cascades massif, a sometimes overlooked, but never forgotten, hulk of a mountain known as Pahto to its earliest inhabitants. Growing up on a ranch at the mountain’s base, Lloyd devoted his life to learning the mountain, observing the ebb and flow of its glaciers, photographing the play of light, wandering lush meadows and old-growth forests, hiking boulder-strewn slopes and scaling icefalls…and showing the way for those who’ve followed.

Ever Wild is a mix of adventure memoir with enlightening doses of human history, geography, geology, botany, and a call for protection.

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The Kentucky Derby

Derby Fever, Derby Day, and the Run for the Roses

By Bill Doolittle
Foreword by Laffit Pincay Jr. and Laffit Pincay III; with Jay Hovdey
9-3/4" x 11-3/4"
192 pages, 170 color plus b+w archival photos
$50 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9897104-5-9
Copublished by Carpe Diem Books® & Shircliff Publishing

Pub West Book Awards 2016

2017 Pub West Book Design Silver Award

Penned by leading Derby historian Bill Doolittle, this coffee-table volume celebrates the story of America’s most famous — and most important — horse-racing event. Generously illustrated with the work of the sport’s leading photographers, The Kentucky Derby describes the lead-up to the big day on the first Saturday in May, while chronicling how the Run for the Roses came to thoroughly capture the imagination of the racing world.

A unique feature of this project is the use of Digimarc Discover® technology. Selected photographs contain digital watermarks, invisible to the reader but not to a mobile app, that sense the watermark (or “Digimarc” as they are called) and directs the reader to an online video related to the photograph. Readers may absorb the text, admire the imagery, and then point their phone or tablet at the page, and watch film footage of famous Derby moments. Carpe Diem Books is proud to have pioneered this unique use of Digimarc technology, a first for a print project of this kind.

Bill Doolittle enjoys a long association with the Kentucky Derby. He served as writer/historian for the exhibit design team that created the Kentucky Derby Museum, served as the on-track TV handicapper at Churchill Downs, and has covered decades of Derbies for such publications as Louisville Magazine and LEO Weekly. He is the author of the best-selling Kentucky Derby: Run for the Roses and How to Be a Better Bettor Book.

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Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann

The Fred Meyer Cookbook

By Leigh Ann Hieronymus
9" x 8-1/2"
240 pages, 140 recipes
$21.95 softbound — ISBN 978-0-9897104-2-8
Developed and produced by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by Fred Meyer

Nearly a century ago, the Pacific Northwest superstores known as “Fred Meyer” led the way for one-stop shopping, offering fresh meat, seafood, deli, baked goods, dairy, home goods, and much more. Now comes a leading-the-way Fred Meyer book for home cooks, offering simple yet inventive instruction for using their great ingredients to create memorable meals.

Author Leigh Ann Hieronymus is the store’s familiar source for fun and delicious ways to feed families and guests. This lavishly illustrated cookbook holds more than 140 contemporary recipes, with entrees featuring seafood, poultry, meats, and meatless main dishes, to other courses, from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. Breakfasts and lighter meals are part of the fare, too.

The recipes all bear the trademark of any Leigh Ann recipe: quality ingredients, ease of preparation, and maximum flavor. An added bonus—available at FredMeyer.com—are videos of Leigh Ann preparing many of these recipes.

Leigh Ann Hieronymus and her popular TV segments, Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann, have been viewed on Oprah, the Today show, Ellen, and other national programs. Here she has collected the very best of these recipes for her first cookbook.

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McAllister Towing

150 Years of Family Business

By Stephenie Hollyman / Edited by Herb Schaffner
Foreword by Brian McAllister
11-3/4" x 9-3/4"
246 pages, 250 color photographs, plus paintings and b&w archival images
$50 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9897104-6-6
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

Pub West Book Awards 2016

2016 Pub West Book Design Silver Award

McAllister Towing is known throughout the shipping industry today as one of the world’s most reliable and respected tugboat and marine transportation firms, towing barges, escorting ships, and providing docking services in twelve U.S. ports along the East Coast. The company’s highly trained crews and state-of-the-art tugboats are trusted with dangerous, difficult, and sensitive assignments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. McAllister clients include the world’s largest fleets of container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, and car ships, the U.S. armed forces, energy companies, and various port authorities and governmental agencies.

McAllister’s trusted name came the hard way. It was earned over the course of 150 years of a business continuously owned by generations of the same family. Told for the first time in this book is the history of five generations of McAllisters and their employees who have operated their tugboat businesses through every war and economic and social upheaval in U.S. history.

The book features a wealth of fresh and never-before published documentary material on how Americans lived and worked in the maritime industry. It reveals the rivalries, bitter feuds, near bankruptcies, and battles for ownership that nearly sank the McAllister business numerous times. It tells the story of poor immigrants finding their narrow foothold in an American industry and building better lives for themselves, their family, and their thousands of employees. Woven throughout are stories of survival and peril, deep-sea expeditions, and family tragedies as well as the triumphs of a maritime dynasty that has survived for more than 150 years.

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Back in the Garden with Dulcy

The Best of The Oregonian Garden Writer Dulcy Mahar

Compiled and Edited by Ted Mahar
Foreword by Peggy McMullen
6-5/8" x 8-7/8"
288 pages, 140 columns, 140 color photographs
$22.95 flexibind — ISBN 978-0-9897104-0-4
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

Pub West Book Awards 2014

Pub West Book Design Silver Award

Throughout twenty-two years, Dulcy Mahar, the popular garden columnist for The Oregonian, attracted a devoted following for her sound advice and genial observations about her magnificent garden in Portland’s leafy Garthwick neighborhood. Using humor and charm, Dulcy shared her weekly triumphs and humiliating mistakes with her huge fan base, which ranged from beginners to master horticulturists. Her compositions were packed with solidly researched direction and knowledge sprinkled with wit.

Dulcy’s death in 2011 compelled Ted Mahar, The Oregonian’s long-time film and TV critic, to write a loving memoir of their 50-year marriage, complementing more than 140 of Dulcy’s very best columns with 140 magnificent photographs. Informative, entertaining and beautifully written, Dulcy’s columns demonstrated to her readers there was adventure, beauty, and pleasure to be found in their own backyards.

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Through the Seasons with Dulcy

More favorite columns by The Oregonian garden writer Dulcy Mahar

Compiled and Edited by Ted Mahar
Foreword by Peggy McMullen
6-5/8" x 8-7/8"
288 pages, 140 columns, 190 color photographs
$22.95 flexibind — ISBN 978-0-9897104-4-2
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

For more than two decades, Dulcy Mahar invited Northwest gardeners into her world. Through wildly popular columns in The Oregonian, readers joined her in creating and renewing her gardens surrounding her home in Portland’s Garthwick neighborhood. Those three-fifths of an acre were an artistic delight. Over the years, Dulcy opened her doors for tours, drew audiences at Northwest garden events, and secured a tender spot in the hearts of fellow Northwestern gardeners.

Weekly since 1989, season in and season out, readers were drawn into Dulcy’s thought-provoking columns sprinkled with self-deprecating humor.  Her death from cancer in 2011 left readers bereft, so the release of a collection of columns titled Back in the Garden with Dulcy was wildly popular. Now in Through the Seasons with Dulcy, followers enjoy dozens more of her best writing — all richly informative, insightful, inspiring . . . and underlain with humor.

Ted Maher, a film and television writer and critic at The Oregonian for nearly four decades, selected and shared these gems, as he reflected on their fifty-year marriage.

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Design It Yourself

Taking the Stress out of Seamstress
A FitNice Workbook

By Judy Kessinger
8-1/2" x 11"
412 pages, with color photos and illustrations
$125 coil bound — ISBN 978-0-9985883-0-8
Packaged by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by Shircliff Publishing

All you need to create and design your own personal wardrobe with style and confidence is any basic pattern and this unique workbook. If you are a beginner, welcome to the wonderful world of sewing. If you’ve been sewing for years, learn how to make sewing easier and take the “stress” out of “seämstress,” one stitch at a time.

If you’ve ever read sewing instructions and thought, “If I could just see how it’s done,” well, now you can. Easy-to-follow instructions are accompanied by big, bold pictures and embedded video, enabling you to sew with assurance.

Not an ordinary workbook, Design It Yourself is interactive! This innovative book features “Quick Response” (QR) codes that connect readers via their smartphone or tablet to bonus video content.

Judy Kessinger started her career as the owner/operator of a small retail fabric store in Louisville, Kentucky. She next stepped into twenty-five years of traveling nationwide and holding seminars. Judy designed costumes for national and international skaters, and created a fast-and-easy way to conquer their fitting problems. With that knowledge and experience, Judy created the “FitNice System,” revolutionizing stress-free sewing with simple solutions for proper fitting.


The Oregonian Cookbook

Best Recipes from FoodDay

Edited by Katherine Miller
Foreword by Corey Schreiber
8" x 10"
416 pages, 360 recipes
$29.95 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9713555-5-2
$22.95 softbound — ISBN 978-0-9713555-6-9
Developed and produced by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by The Oregonian

Pub West Book Awards 2013

Pub West Book Design Gold & Silver Awards

The Oregonian’s first cookbook in over a century showcases the state’s emerging fame as a source for some of the best food grown in America with hundreds of recipes created by great home cooks, the region’s most talented chefs, and The Oregonian’s most popular food writers.

In eighteen chapters The Oregonian Cookbook features 360 recipes from appetizers, soups, and main courses to vegetables, breads, and desserts. Included is a special chapter of recipes from Portland’ most influential and award-winning chefs, plus a special tribute to Portland native and legendary food authority James Beard.

Katherine Miller, who compiled and edited the recipes, served as food editor at The Oregonian for over twenty years and was nominated for a James Beard Foundation award for culinary news reporting.


Sacred Stories

Wisdom from World Religions

By Marilyn McFarlane
5" x 7"
178 pages
$17.99 hardbound — ISBN 978-1-58270-334-3
$11.99 softbound — ISBN 978-1-58270-304-6
$12.99 ebook — ISBN 978-1-44244-125-5
Published by Aladdin/Beyond Words Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster
Literary agent: Carpe Diem Books®

Sacred Stories takes readers on an engaging, educational journey through seven major belief systems: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American, and Sacred Earth. Thirty-five compelling stories bring to life key tenets of each belief system, from creation myths to miraculous visions, from gods and goddesses to the Golden Rule. Appealing to young and old alike, Sacred Stories expands readers’ understanding of human spirituality in all its wonder.

Marilyn McFarlane was raised in a devoutly religious family and always had an interest in the diversity of world faiths. During her journeys as an author and travel writer, she wrote Sacred Stories, with a firm belief in the power of story and that understanding others’ faiths can lead to tolerance, acceptance, and peace.


György Sebök

Words from a Master

By Barbara Alex
Foreword by Jill Timmons
5" x 7"
240 pages, approximately 12 black & white archival photographs
$19.95 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9713555-4-5
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

Now for the first time, one of the great pianists and influential music professors of the twentieth century is recognized in a long overdue book. György Sebök had a profound impact on countless musicians worldwide. He was most effective at putting music in its own context and making students feel part of the heritage of pianism. All who witnessed his teaching were riveted by his inspiring and thought-provoking words. Pianist and teacher Barbara Alex has compiled György Sebök: Words from a Master, a remarkable collection of compelling Sebök quotes that will be treasured by all who make, study, and love music.

This is a book for all who search for the essence of music and its place in our lives. Words from a Master should sit on every piano.

Barbara Alex attended master classes with György Sebök for nearly two decades, while filling the rest of her time concertizing and teaching at the university level, both class piano and private lessons. She continues to maintain a private studio in Portland, Oregon. A published composer, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from California State University, Northridge. Barbara is also a member of Oregon Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association.



Creating Natural Economies

By Spencer Beebe
Foreword by Tom Brokaw
6-5/8" x 9-5/8"
264 pages, 120 full color photographs & some B+W archival images
$29.95 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9676364-4-3
$19.95 softbound — ISBN 978-0-9676364-5-0
$9.99 ebook — ISBN 978-0-9676364-6-7
Developed and produced by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by Ecotrust

Pub West Book Awards 2011

Pub West Book Design Gold Award

Cache: Creating Natural Economies is a timely book that calls for the creation of “natural economies” and new institutions that can better serve the fundamental needs of both people and place in the 21st century.

Author and Ecotrust president Spencer B. Beebe believes that a more reliable prosperity will elude us until we change our relations with each other and with the rest of the natural world. Cache provides on-the-ground examples of how we can do this.

The book is a trove of stories and photographs from Beebe’s nearly four decades pioneering new approaches to conservation and development. Cache includes the inside story of the tumultuous creation of Conservation International, now one of the largest conservation organizations in the world; co-founding the world’s first environmental bank; starting FoodHub, an online marketplace for food buyers and sellers; creating new ways to manage fisheries and forestry; and developing new scientific and integrative systems modeling to improve social, economic, and environmental decision-making.

Cache offers a fresh, hopeful perspective at a time when global economic, social, and environmental crises are growing. It is a compelling book for business people who wish to build businesses with more than the bottom-line in mind, for conservationists who wish to get practical results in a world not always sympathetic to their goals, and for people who simply love nature and, like Beebe, try to learn from it.

Beebe has led a life rich in adventure and innovation while working in the forefront of the contemporary conservation movement. He worked with The Nature Conservancy on land preservation in the 1970s and on saving tropical rain forests in the 1980s, and in 1987 he co-founded Conservation International. In 1991, he began Ecotrust in the Pacific Northwest to help unleash the energy and creativity of local residents in the coastal temperate rain forests of the place he calls home.


Passion for Pinot

A Journey Through America’s Pinot Noir Country

Photography by Andrea Johnson and Robert Holmes
Text by Jordan Mackay
Foreword by Eric Asimov
9-3/4" x 11"
160 pages, full color throughout
$35 hardbound — Special Winery Edition — ISBN 978-0-9713555-3-8
Published by Carpe Diem Books®
$30 hardbound — Trade Edition — ISBN 978-1-58008-986-1
Published by Ten Speed Press

The explosive ascent of American Pinot Noir from relative obscurity to mainstream prominence is unprecedented. Never has a grape risen so quickly out of the pack to become a wine of which there is simply not enough. Silky, complex, and incredibly versatile with food, Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for a newly food-conscious nation. At the same time, it’s a wine full of mystery, which drinks beautifully on its own. Pinot’s greatest expressions combine power and ethereal finesse, a feat few other grapes boast.

Passion for Pinot captures Pinot’s allure through the wisdom of its winemakers and growers, as well as the expertise of the author and photographers. Here you will learn the way this special grape is grown, vinified, and experienced. Within wine circles, debates rage over Pinot’s proper styles, places, and techniques. Passion for Pinot gently arms the reader with everything needed to not only comprehend these debates, but also to participate in them.

Crucial to great Pinot is its ability to evoke spirit of place, and finally, here is an informative and resourceful book that captures the terroir where Pinot Noir excels and the characters integral to establishing its success. An emphasis on quotes, facts, stories, maps, and rich imagery makes Passion for Pinot an entertaining read.

Robert Holmes, a renowned photographer and author, has illustrated more than forty books, including many wine-related titles. His work appeared regularly in the “Day in the Life” book series as one of the world’s 100 best photojournalists, and he has worked for many of the world’s major magazines such as National Geographic, Life, Time, London Sunday Times, and Paris Match. He was the first person to twice be named “Travel Photographer of the Year” by The Society of American Travel Writers.

Andrea Johnson is a freelance photographer focused on wine and travel. Her work appears regularly in Wine Spectator, VIA, Sunset, San Francisco Chronicle, and National Geographic Traveler. Previous books include photography for Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door series. Her commercial clients are many of the most prestigious Pinot Noir producers worldwide. She is an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers and American Society of Media Photographers.

Jordan Mackay has devoted the last ten years exploring, understanding, and writing about wine. He became wine and spirits editor for San Francisco’s 7x7 magazine and a contributing writer to Wine and Spirits. He has written about food and wine in publications ranging from Food and Wine, Gourmet, Decanter , and Wine Enthusiast to The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle.


Inspired Pragmatism

An Illustrated History of Linfield College

By Marvin Henberg
Edited and Afterword by Barbara Seidman
11-3/4" x 9-5/8"
144 pages, approximately 160 color and quadtone b&w archival photographs
$50 hardbound — ISBN 978-0-9713555-2-1
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

By way of historical narrative and a series of thematic vignettes, author Marvin Henberg traces the story of Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, from its origins to its Sesquicentennial celebration in 2008. In the pages of Inspired Pragmatism, you meet many men and women who have not only shaped Linfield, but played important roles elsewhere in Oregon, the Northwest, and the nation.

Woven together in a rich array of photographs and documents, the compelling text and vibrant illustrations show how Linfield’s leaders and graduates have served the public while responding to external challenges over the past century and a half. With its substantial commitment to global studies over the past fifty years, Linfield entered the 21st century poised to leave its mark internationally as well, a point detailed in the afterword penned by Barbara Seidman, dean of faculty at Linfield College.

Author Marvin Henberg, Ph.D., came to Linfield in 1994 and served 11 years as Dean of Faculty and briefly as interim President before becoming a full-time faculty member in philosophy and environmental studies in 2006. He and his wife Laurie are avid readers, hikers, skiers, scuba divers, and whitewater rafters.


One Tough Mother

Success in Life, Business, and Apple Pies

By Gert Boyle with Kerry Tymchuk
Foreword by Mark Hatfield
5" x 7-1/4"
192 pages, with b&w photos
$19.95 hardbound — ISBN 1-55868-908-7
Published by Westwinds Press, imprint of Graphic Arts Center Publishing
$14.95 softbound — ISBN 978-0800732301
Published by Carroll & Graf, succeeded by Perseus Books Group
Literary agent: Carpe Diem Books®

When a heart attack claimed Gert Boyle’s husband in 1970, the forty-six-year-old housewife and mother of three found herself at the helm of Columbia Sportswear, a small and financially struggling outerwear manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon. With no business experience whatsoever, Boyle was faced with the challenge of running Columbia, which had been founded in 1937 by her father — a Jewish immigrant who fled Hitler’s Germany to come to America.

Though many in the industry expected Boyle to fail, she and her son, Tim, persevered, and kept the business afloat through very challenging times. For the past twenty years, Gert’s face has been one of the most recognizable in the sporting goods industry, thanks to a creative Columbia Sportswear advertising campaign that billed her as “one tough mother.”

In 1970, Columbia Sportswear boasted 40 employees and $800,000 in annual sales. Under the leadership of Gert and Tim Boyle, the company now has more than 2,000 employees, has annual sales of one billion dollars, and is the leading seller of skiwear in the United States. Gert is one of Oregon’s most recognizable citizens, and is the first woman ever inducted into the International Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame.

In One Tough Mother, Boyle offers an honest, open, and often irreverent account of her truly remarkable journey from a childhood in Germany to fame and fortune in America. Boyle offers insights into succeeding in business and in life, and shares many of the advertisements that have made her an icon in her industry. Her story is one that will inspire anyone who dreams of turning a small business into a bigger business, as well as individuals who find themselves facing circumstances beyond their control.


Queen Mary 2

The Greatest Ocean Liner of Our Time

Text by John Maxtone-Graham
Photography by Harvey Lloyd
Forewords by Micky Arison and Ron Warwick
9-3/4" x 13-1/4"
200 color photographs plus b&w archival images; 8-page gatefold
$50 hardbound — ISBN 0-812-2884-6
$29.95 softbound — ISBN 0-812-2885-4
Developed and produced by Carpe Diem Books®
Published by Bulfinch Press

This book documents the creation, from keel laying to christening, of one of the most ambitious passenger vessels of all time. Cunard Line's latest flagship, the stupendous Queen Mary 2, is four city blocks long and taller than the Statue of Liberty. Twenty-six hundred passengers are accommodated in a splendid variety of suites and cabins, three-quarters of them with balconies overlooking the sea. Its public rooms include a planetarium, ballroom, theater, cinema, Canyon Ranch Spa, and ten restaurants. And at $800 million, it is the most expensive passenger vessel ever built. Not merely a cruise ship, this fourth Cunard Queen is a true ocean liner, able to cross the Atlantic in all weathers at high speed, sustaining the company's celebrated heritage.

The story of the Queen Mary 2 is told by world-renowned maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham. His engaging text takes us through the building of the ship and details its world-class amenities. Maxtone-Graham also provides a lively history of QM2's famous predecessors, illustrated with archival images. The book features stunning four-color photographs and paintings of QM2 and details of design, construction, engines, lavish interiors, sea trials, and the christening.

An eight-page gatefold shows a detailed cutaway and deck plans of the remarkable QM2.

John Maxtone-Graham is the author of more than a dozen books about passenger vessels. He is also a consummate shipboard lecturer and consultant to numerous cruise lines.

Harvey Lloyd, the book’s principal photographer, is a seasoned travel and adventure photojournalist and one of the foremost photographers of the cruise industry today. His previous book, Voyages: The Romance of Cruising was published by Dorling Kindersley.


America’s Wildlife Refuges

Lands Of Promise

Text by Jeanne Clark
Photography by Tom & Pat Leeson, Gene Stone, Jason Stone
Foreword by Steven McCormick
11" x 9-5/8"
144 pages, 130 full-color photos, Refuge map included
$39.95 hardbound — ISBN 1-55868-751-3
$24.95 softbound — ISBN 1-55868-753-X
Copublished by Carpe Diem Books® & Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company®

America’s Wildlife Refuges portrays numerous wildlife success stories that have occurred within the National Wildlife Refuge System during the last one hundred years. The book shares the stories of twenty-five wildlife species that have dramatically benefited from the protection the Refuge System affords. Individual refuges, special management efforts, and influential people are mentioned in the narratives about each specific animal’s story, emphasizing how refuges have made a difference. Since the habitat safeguarded for these featured species also benefits scores of other wildlife, photos of many secondary species are included to provide stirring visual images of the diversity supported by refuges.

Author Jeanne Clark has written for a wide range of wildlife publications for more than twenty years. She has worked as an outreach coordinator for Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, where she developed and coordinated workshops, public relations programs, and special events. She also edits an award-winning newsletter and other publications for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Internationally recognized wildlife photographers Tom and Pat Leeson are a husband-and-wife team whose images appear in hundreds of U.S. and foreign publications each year. They are best known for their in-depth, year-round coverage of individual wildlife species. During the Leesons’ twenty-five years in the field, they have worked on assignment for major magazines including National Geographic, National Wildlife, Audubon, and Sierra. Working with the Leesons and contributing incredible photography to this book is the talented father/son duo of Gene and Jason Stone.


Lit By The Sun

The Art and Artists of the Hotel Pattee

Text by Lela Gilbert
Photography by Ellen Bak
Preface by Roberta Ahmanson
9-3/4" x 9-3/4"
160 pages, 136 full-color photos and 16 quadtone (b&w) photos
$45 hardbound — ISBN 0-9713555-0-9
Published by Carpe Diem Books®

With its colonial revival exterior, arts and crafts interior, and the work of more than thirty artists adorning its walls and grounds, the Hotel Pattee stands as a celebration of Iowa, its story, and its people. Located in Perry, Iowa, this historic hotel and museum is home to over $1.5 million of fine art paintings, quilts, sculpture, folk art, and needlepoint.

Lit By The Sun is a detailed tour of the paintings, sculptures, quilts, and installations that decorate the walls of this historic Iowa landmark. The book includes reproductions of works of art as well as intimate profiles of the artists, most of them from Iowa or elsewhere in the Midwest, and descriptions of their media, their influences, and their aspirations.

The author is Lela Gilbert, who has written or substantively edited more than sixty books.

The photographer is Ellen Bak, a long-time portrait and commercial photographer, who was one of the youngest women awarded the master craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America.